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Neck Pain

Pain, stiffness or a burning sensation that can radiate to the head, shoulder blades or arms is becoming more and more prevalent today. With the advent of computers and hand-held devices, as a nation we are becoming more round-shouldered and hunch-backed. Long hours hunched over a desk has long been a major concern, but with computers, the tendency is to sit more immobilized for longer periods of time, without stretching or moving about. In addition, abuses such as carrying a bag or pocketbook on one’s shoulder, holding a phone on your shoulder, old accidents and injuries all stress the neck region, causing kinks in the neck, which can lead to pain and stiffness.

What many people may not realize is that this condition probably started years before the pain was actually felt. Certain muscles begin to tighten, leading to spasms; other muscles become excessively stretched and weakened, placing more stress on the neck.

In our office, we provide a comprehensive program to get to the root cause. Once you are pain-free, we offer advice on posture, exercises to stretch and relax the tight muscle groups, other exercises to strengthen muscles that have been weakened from years of abuse. We want you to stay pain-free; and we don’t want you to become hunched over!