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Sports Performance and Sports Injuries

Are you an occasional or regular exerciser, a weekend warrior, or someone who is training for a marathon?

Exercise and sports are an integral part of a healthy life style; besides, they can just be fun! Our bodies were designed for regular activity. But with the demands of our present life style combined with the sedentary nature of most occupations, we can become de-conditioned during the week. Then overdoing it, or performing repetitive activities can overstress a muscle or joint, causing inflammation and pain.

A chronically tight muscle, or improper movement in a joint can pre-dispose a person to injury. In addition to increasing the likelihood of injury, it can also decrease our ability to perform, leading to sub-optimal performance.

Dr. Goldstein has a post-graduate certification in sports and sports injuries which includes, in addition to the back and neck, injuries to the shoulder, knees, hips, arms and legs. Through a thorough chiropractic examination, we can determine if a joint is moving through its full range of motion, or if a muscle is in spasm or is weak. Chiropractic treatment can help you achieve a quicker recovery and can lead to improved performance.

In addition, a chiropractic examination can detect areas of abnormalities and weakness, which can then be treated and corrected to prevent injuries from occurring in the first place, or from re-occurring. Our philosophy is that prevention of injuries is always better than treatment after an injury.